As you can imagine, this place was way out in the middle of nothing. The grass has grown over it such that you can't see it anymore. Hi Dan I had an electrician come out to give me an estimate on electrical work for my new above ground pool.

The Right Way to Power Your Pool Pump

Intex specifically advises against using extension cords with their products in their manuals. There are at least a few every year. You should be able to run an outlet to the pool equipment for far less than bucks. Yes, there are a lot of pools installed without bonding being installed properly. Also, what is the distance between the light source and the pump?

Grounding is a weird topic though. Electrical for new above ground pool. Yes, the cord is being run off a grounded outlet, duanebe. Is that something I could try, or do you think I need to keep looking for a licensed electrician? We're hoping to get this done in the next few weeks, so I'll let you know how it goes.

Above ground pool electrical hookup
What are the Electricity Requirements for Above Ground Pools

This board has been very helpful. The electrical component of an above ground swimming pool is pretty important. Conduit is not that much more expensive. Some are better than others, and I'm sure some are as good as a licensed electrician, but this is a matter of safety, so that will be your personal choice.

Electrical for new above ground pool
  1. Both want fit in same outlet.
  2. The man who helped us install the pool told us just to use the extension cord, but we thought running electrical to the pool would be better long term.
  3. Above ground pool lights will also need an outlet.
  4. When I arrived, I was still unaware that they had no electricity and started asking the standard questions of where did they want the pool and where did they want the pump and filter.

Is this type of grounding really necessary? Note trenching holes can cost money. Above ground swimming pools come with above ground pool pumps.

Since pumps for above grounds only come as V, they all have standard three-prong plug cords attached to them. Whatever It Takes Above ground swimming pools come with above ground pool pumps. If these add-ons are made for above grounds then they usually have standard three-prong plugs so you want to make sure there is an outlet for them. Yes, if you want safe pool equipment, ground or use a bonding wire.

How to Hook Up a Swimming Pool Filter

Find out how many amps the pool pump needs Amperage is the amount of electricity that runs through the electric wires. Electrical inspection question. The reality is when there is an electrical fault or difference in potential it can become deadly. Does your swimming pool have any other electrical needs? One thing which is essential for any outdoor installation or where there is water is an earth leakage breaker.

Trouble Free Pool

That would be helpful, JoeSelf, I may get one of those. So due to these pumps having standard cords on them, the easiest way to get power to your pool is to use an extension cord connected to some outlet from the house. Most inspectors would frown on an extension cord for any pool. One whose opinions are mostly theoretical. Are you at least using the extension cord on a ground fault interrupt circuit breaker or outlet?

What are the Electricity Requirements for Above Ground Pools

Above ground pool electrical hookup

He had no idea that a pool has to have a pump and filter. He mentioned putting in a copper ring around the pool and connecting that to each support pole on the pool then back to the pump. Your swimming pool equipment may have other needs for electricity. You want a thicker extension cord, because a pool pump requires a good amount of electricity to run. You need to know this for two reasons.

Above ground pool electrical hookup
How to Hook Up a Swimming Pool Filter
Above ground pool electrical hookup
  • Also, how deep should I bury my circuit from the pump to the house, and do I need to put it in pvc?
  • At the pool end I like to set a post to mount the weatherproof receptacle box if there is not a structure such as a deck or shed already there to fasten to.
  • Add-ons like ozonators, ionizers, and salt chlorine generators require electricity.

They work by comparing the live and neutral currents in the cable and immediately disconnect the power if they are not the same. But they are not self testing. Can I use a Honda generator to run the over ground pool pump and if so is a ok? Intex Copper Electrode Bypass. We don't know whats going to happen in five years.

Above ground pool electrical hookup

What are the Electricity Requirements for Above Ground Pools

Do I need a disconnect switch between the pump outlet and the panel? We're going to dig the trench ourselves. And it is safe as long as the outlet has a Gfci or Gfi as some call it. If you are running the motor on volts, is zoella dating marcus gauge would work fine. Yes this is required by the national electrical code.

Electrical for new above ground pool

That's good to know that the gfci breaker might not be neccesary. That is important to be safe, with or without the extension cord. New posts Conversations Trending Search forums. He's not a licensed electrician, best dating sites but has done quite a bit of work on his own houses and said he's confident he could do this. My abg is about feet from my breaker panel.

Electrical for new above ground pool

Is it safe to use the extension cord for awhile while I save for an electrician? Work some overtime and pay someone to do this. Why do think you need a ground rod?

Above ground pool electrical hookup

Whatever It Takes

Nobody on the Internet can tell you if this is a safe or wise decision. If it shares the electricity with something else, it may cause the breaker to throw off. After I explained it to him, he of course wanted me to install the pool anyway and said that he would just have to figure it out later. It seemed to me that I was always building pools way out in the boonies. Wire size will be determined by the distance.

But you probably want to check local codes to determine if that is allowable in your area. Also, is this running on or volts? When I dug the trench for the electric for my pool, I bought a trenching shovel at Home Depot. We have our pool up, dating and are currently running the pump with an extension cord. Google Pool electrocution and you will find many articles.

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