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Asian men dating outside their race, asian Men Dating Outside Of Their Race - Two Asian Matchmakers

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Honestly speaking, it doesn't matter what you call it - preference, racist, ignorance, narrow-mindedness - the bottom line is people choose whomever they want to date. Are there not similarly westernized Asian men? My query returned the profiles of Asian women.

It was a very compelling argument if you ask me and the guy had some very valid points. As it turns out, my half-assed, Match.

The majority of Asian women I have seen esp. Traditional Asian cultures can be notoriously xenophobic. Of these women, I wanted to see what percentages A specifically include Asian as one of their preferences, oasis dating app blackberry and B specifically exclude Asian as one of their preferences.

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If they are not interested, they are not interested, period. So, I enlisted the help of a programmer friend who wrote a piece of computer code to scour these profiles and collect the data. So, my programmer friend is forgiven.

The truth is that I rarely meet Asian women who are interested in me. As such, a second-generation Asian-American, with traditionally-minded parents, will probably have to shoulder a ton of pressure to marry an Asian. My current boyfriend is an Italian man whom I love and adore with my whole heart.

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Asian Men Dating Outside Of Their Race - Two Asian Matchmakers

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On the plus side, two winked back, and one was pretty cute. Anyway, love should be color blind, but to some narrow minded people who think they are all that, it is just not the case. But it doesn't mean I wanted to date them. Wendy Stokes Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. She was very emotional abusive towards my brother and I simply because we were both gifted artists just like our grandfather.

She hated the whole white race after she got dumped by my grandfather. Race is always a sensitive subject no matter how carefully you choose your words. It is funny to me that some people still believe just because they belong to certain race, they are automatically attractive. Eventually, I did manage to collect the data for women.

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This was turning out to be a daunting task. Now you can gripe that it's unfair, a lie, acceptable or whatever, but the outcome will remain the same.

Asian Men Dating Outside Of Their Race

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At the same time, as some of my friends have noticed, my last few girlfriends have all been decidedly not Asian. In fact, a disproportionate number of Asian women in my hometown only seem to date non-Asian men. One of my theories is that many Asian women date outside their race as a way to rebel against their parents. They exclusively want to date White men because they believe White race which technically doesn't exist i.