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Bakasura restaurant in bangalore dating, menus for Bakasur - Manyata Tech Park - Nagawara- Bangalore

If you have been searching for a low profile, quaint but ambient place to have a glass of beer with your dinner, this is it. Every steward knows the menu very well, they never attempted to suggest us or interfere in between our discussion about the order. Though it was above average, it tasted great when I tried it with Vanilla Ice Cream. There is a full bar and a separate smoking area.

The place brews its own beer and consequently, you can expect some unique flavors at the counter. The ambience is cozy and depending on the crowd, you can get a high chair. The seating is high and comfortable and you can also relax on the long sofas.

Their Chinese is good and their vadas and dosas are mind blowing. The menu is economical and caters to guests of all age groups and tastes. All stewards are very attentive and oblige very well for your requirement. The menu boasts of dishes that come from some of the most renowned international chefs and the cocktails delights combine perfectly.

The restaurant also offers great music in a laid back ambience. This is one of the most popular pubs for a romantic experience for couples in Bangalore.

Great Indian Restaurant Festival

We were so full that we wanted to kill ourselves. Cozy seating, huge posters and intriguing illustrations on the wall create an ambiance that you will love to be in.

It is one of the best places around Bangalore to hangout with your friends and freak out. As you dine and drink, online dating indian you can immerse yourself in the unbridled sight of Bangalore. It has always been a preferred gathering for artists and a popular day break in Bangalore.

Hoppipolla is an especially popular pub in Bangalore for couples and friends looking for Instagram worthy photo ops along with lunch! Alcohol is comparatively cheap but you should be ready to pay higher for the shooters.

Church Street Social has conveniently been a place for executives to unwind after work. They have managed to place some wacky statements and articles around but most of them will remain invisible unless you explore. Parking is available at the Coconut Grove. You will get a feel of a European pub and a very helpful staff. Moreover, the awestruck presentation and experiments of cocktails pull people towards these pubs.

The quantity of food that is served is also quite generous and they will even entertain your request for music. How could a breakfast event can end without having southindian dish!

Bakasura Restaurant

One of the finest egg delicacy I had in recent times. You can also choose for an outdoor seating that offers a spectacular view of the city along with fresh air from the green neighborhood that also includes a water body close by. Upon questioning them we got a curd rice.

The light hearted ambiance lifts up your mood in no time! You can even order a pizza out here. The interiors are dimly lit with atmospheric lights while the outside is brighter, and more importantly open, where you can have a smoke. The setting is almost like a studio with paintings and illustrations adorning the walls.

You are left with a colossal amount of curry to eat plain. In my whole breakfast session they never gave me a chance to remind them about the orders.

We suggest you to try a normal meal at Sagar Ratna. To the chef, he perfectly managed the spice level in this dish and it tasted heavenly. Weekdays are your best bet to fall in love with the ambiance sans the crowd. Good music and delicious food will indeed give you a different kind of high!

Bakasur, Bengaluru