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Of course things don't go the way I want them too. It was emotional and honest.

Book by Barney Stinson

Book by Barney Stinson

Falling for her could ruin everything. But let's turn back on the best parts. Barrett Wilson and Nick Saunders grew up together and have been best mates their whole life. The ending was my favorite and kind of laughable.

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Their crushes and attraction came to the surface. It's much more than either one of them bargained for, though.

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Bro Code is a standalone and is another fun, flirty, steamy and light-hearted read. Bro Code is an example of where Kendall shines - she writes realistic characters with a relevant story line, satellite tv software for windows 7 which makes it easier for readers to relate to.

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She's basically off limits. Jacob Morgan and Ava Erickson do a fantastic job at narrating, as always.

Together, these two set my heart on fire with their banter and their blossoming, but intense love. What is worse is when he sees Ava again for the first time. Now Ava is all grown up and she is stunning, sexy and so off -limits!

The characters fight their attraction, but it is stronger than some law that makes them feel guilty for loving each other. And I love he writing, so I enjoyed the back to back stories. Me couldn't cope with this tragic situation! The excerpts taken are from that copy.

Of course, the sexual tension is off the charts. But do I have the balls to handle what comes next? Kendall Ryan did it again. Although now that they are older, who knows?

He and Nick grew up together and were best friends for a long time. She is not just beautiful, she loves to learn new stuff, and her favorite pastime is to read scientific researches and articles.

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The best part was the steam! All I can say is it honestly changed my life. Ever since she's grown up, he's found it difficult to control his feelings for her. The writing is effortless and fluid. That pretty much sums up this story.

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Too big for my taste, way too big! Could not ask for a more perfect ending to this romance. Ava has had a crush on Nick since she was a teen.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Grayland rated it liked it.

But with one weekend of heated looks and touches, they realize they both want to explore their chemistry. If you enjoy the big brother's best friend trope, I have a feeling you'll enjoy Bro Code. Bro Code i Kendall Ryan did it again! And I love when everything plays out in a seamless timeline and nothing is rushed, it flows naturally. It's something that draws closer, an invisible power of attraction.

Everything played out really well and I lpved that there wasn't any lack of communication or immaturity between the characters. Barrett returns to his hometown for Ava and Nick's father's retirement party and the tension between these two is as thick as ever. But like all rules, spoken or not, they are meant to be broken.

But this time I didn't completely connect with this story. This book was sexy, sweet, fun, and forbidden and completely hit the spot for me! They were like brothers and admittedly Barrett was closer to his family than his own.

Ava has had a crush on Barrett for the longest time. They were adults and handled everything maturely. Barrett Wilson is a successful attorney in Chicago.

The tension between Ava and Ba Bro Code is a standalone and is another fun, flirty, steamy and light-hearted read. Of course this book had some twists and turns. If you need a quick romance read, give Kendall Ryan's books a try.

My only gripe was how quickly things played out in the end and wanted a bit more about how those big moments played out. And the plot sweeps you away into a push-pull storyline filled wi Sultry, sassy, and sweet!

In all, a decent easy read, low on the angst, perfect for a lazy afternoon. Both narrators are suited for the characters and did a wonderful job on it The narration of this book was refreshing and different from the ones I've listened to.