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Due to Transportation issues that was the only store that I could work in and maintain my current wages. This other customer was already been helped by another employee when he walked away from helping me while I was holding the money out for him to take. Later I was told to mind my own business and focus on myself. Management here in Hale is great.

The employees need to understand that they should complete one transaction before helping another customer. It is a microwaveable mug with a lid.

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After a few months I begin receiving Less hours than their favorite cashiers who are hiring for part-time. When I asked the driver to move his truck, moved the delivery ramp, but only to let me into the lot, the he lowered it again at the entrance of the lot. Sandy is the manager and I really like her. Also, leaving the lot it is difficult to see on coming traffic, or to even merge into traffic, I have described to you an accident waiting to happen.

And during my second week I became so uncomfortable working in the environment that I left prior to finishing my two weeks. So after I left, couples dating counseling I went to unemployment office until I was able to start my new job at Walmart. My general manager became so close with the cashiers that they would gossip and make jokes about myself and others whom they felt they did not like. Another customer had walked in as the male employee was scanning my three items.

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But which ones are legit and worthwhile? This is ridiculous and unesscessary!