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Ggpo matchmaking, want to add to the discussion?

It supports any game that the emulators support. Any beta features initially available for patrons only will eventually reach the general public.

Recent posts by Fightcade. Despite its name it's not only about fighting games, alphey dating websites though! If this changes in the future we'll let you know.

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We're now rolling a new version and you now have the possibility to support us in our endeavour and at the same time get something in return. The perks that we offer in our different tiers are not disruptive to Fightcade's enjoyment and are merely convenient extras. The hope is that the predictions will be correct most of the time, allowing smooth play with minimal sudden changes to the game state.

This means that while the server will be kept on for the time being, there won't be new updates.

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Installing the Client

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Get access to exclusive color themes. Get a Gold role grouping in our official Discord server to show off your support. Your contribution will help our ability to continuously improve Fightcade and you have our personal gratitude.

Want to add to the discussion?

The FightCade client is a fork of pyqtggpo by papasi. Fightcade is a program that provides game lobbies and matchmaking capabilities for emulators that support netplay. Playing on Fightcade has always been free and will always continue to be free. Feel free to fork the code and send pull requests if you want to contribute your changes to improve the project.

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