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This angers the two men, and they try to bribe Raja and Kajal into leaving Madhu and Ajay. Priya then starts being friendly with Rahul. Taken out of context, the photos make it look like Raja and Kajal are being intimate with each other.

Background music by Anoop is excellent. Ajay and Madhu rush to the shipyard and succeed to stop Raja and Kajal from leaving the country on the ship. All songs are pictutized in an excellent manner. The stunt sequences are well choreographed. She is impressed, but she does not get to see his face either.

Ishq Telugu film review - Telugu cinema Review - Nition & Nitya

The film received positive response from both fans and critics and became huge success in Nithiin's career. After hearing this, Kajal attempts to kill herself, but Raja stops her. Artists Performance Nitin looks completely different in this movie. The soundtrack was distributed worldwide by Aditya Music. They fall in love with each other in Goa.

The film features Nithiin and Nithya Menen in the lead with Ajay in a pivotal role. The fathers agree, but on the condition that Kajal and Raja leave the country for good and that they would be killed if they ever did return.

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They fix up Ajay's marriage with Madhu and send Ajay to meet Madhu. The characterization done to Nitin and Nitya in the first half is unique and lovable. Ali is entertaining in a cameo. Visually the film is very rich. By the time they get to Hyderabad, they are deeply in love with each other.

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To make matters worse, Kajal's uncle Mohan Joshi falsely testifies to the fabricated illicit affair between the two. As fate would have it, Ajay falls in love with Kajal instead and Raja and Madhu fall in love. He handles the screenplay well and joins all the dots at regular intervals. While flying to Hyderabad he falls for her.

Love is a Indian Hindi-language action romantic comedy directed by Indra Kumar. Both of them alight a flight at Delhi to Hyderabad, but is diverted to Goa due to bad weather. Rahul tells Siva and his father that he will forget his girlfriend. In fact, Kajal's uncle was paid to lie to Ajay and Madhu.

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Kajal agrees and Raja is set free. The character of Ajay appears confusing as it vaccilates between being a passionate family man and phychotic revenge seeker.

Later, Siva's father asks Siva to ask Rahul if he will marry Priya. Rahul tells him everything but by keeping the identities anonymous.

Love is a Telugu romantic drama film written and directed by Vikram Kumar. He finally agrees for Rahul to be with Priya and the movie ends on a happy note as the three walk in rain under umbrella.

After Rahul finds Divya searching for the ring late night, he finds out what happened. He is matured as an actor.

Three years later Rahul Nithiin is a very jovial and friendly guy who likes to have fun and play practical jokes. He handled lots of scenes in first half with dexerity.

Rahul realises an important thing when they finally land in Hyderabad. In this film too, he made sure that he adds value.

Telugu Movie review - Ishq. For other uses, see Ishq disambiguation. Nitin is in his elements in Ishq. For Telugu film, ringtones for mobile phones 2013 see Ishq film.

The film was produced by Vikram Goud under Shresht Movies banner. Siva takes him to the hospital. Meanwhile, without their knowledge, photos are taken of them. Rahul takes Priya to his friend's marriage in Goa and promises her a wonderful time.

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Further proving Raja and Kajal's innocence, Kajal's uncle also confesses that he lied out of bribery. Best Home-viewing Feature Film. Angry and heartbroken, Ajay almost chokes his father to death but his conscience stops him. Rahul goes there and beats up Kala and saves Siva. After Siva finds out that Divya got engaged, he threatens her and throws away the engagement ring that was given to her by her mother-in-law-to-be who has a sentimental value towards the ring.

Jaya aunty treats Priya like a princess and gives her a great time. Nagineedu is good in a vital role. He has succeeded in getting the minute nuances work with his performance. Upon arrival, Siva's father is convinced that Siva has changed and happily reunites with him. He tried to be himself and completely justified his character.