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This chart does not apply to you at all. This article is getting long, so I am going to break it up into several parts.

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Timeline Archived at the Wayback Machine. Consider setting backup navigation sources to assist in identifying waypoints along the approach. Keep in mind, some approaches have an abundance of these step-downs, so you might want to be selective. Finally, include the missed approach point in your briefing.


So, in the King Air it ranges from knots. Support support boldmethod.

Navigate the seas successfully with Jeppesen solutions. Maybe you are studying for a regional airline interview, or you are in the military flying overseas? On the profile view, brief relevant step-down fixes. Note the absence of the runway lighting system. Gain competitive strength with Jeppesen solutions.

Discover how we've enhanced the airline industry's premier mobile navigation app, providing pilots with all aeronautical maps, charts, manuals and documents needed for paperless flying. The Jeppesen plates lay out the important frequencies in an easy to read chart at the top of the airport diagram. Jeppesen Chart Training Dvd Video. The app interface allows you to share routings with your avionics hardware, which is entirely supported by the application.

How To Brief A Jeppesen Approach Chart In 11 Steps

The salient features of Jeppesen Charts iPad are listed below. Jeppesen has data and chart solutions for many avionics systems. Jeppesen Charts for iPad is the powerful, how to games on the dsi complete electronic flight bag App. The app interface will enable you to save and duplicate the flights easily. Background Archived at the Wayback Machine.

You can easily share the flights between the iPad effortlessly. The app interface automatically switches to the taxi mode when landing. The information is the same, it is just located in different places. Notify me of new posts by email. When you line up on the runway, most of the time the runway is off a few degrees from the actual runway heading.

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Introduce the approach by verifying that you and any other crew members are looking at the same chart before continuing. Made by World Pilot Supplies.

You can only get them by subscribing. Military Aviation The mission will always be successful with Jeppesen solutions.

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Nice historical collectible for pilot and airport lore collectors. Make your voyage a success when you review Jeppesen Marine Alerts. Swayne Martin Swayne is an editor at Boldmethod, certified flight instructor, and an Embraer First Officer for a regional airline. Separate email addresses with commas. Above is a Jepp chart with the actual runway heading underneath the runway.


Weather Get the latest free aviation weather maps. Whatever the reason, switching to different plates is a pain at first. Don't show this message again. You have to go to the top of the airport diagram to get the official field elevation.

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Please look at pictures closely! You should brief this item, along with the chart's revision date. It would be best to have a taxi diagram in front of you for this part of the briefing.