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He goes after what he wants. Chuck, thinking she is finally over him, leaves the building heartbroken and nearly suicidal. Chuck and Blair join together to prevent Georgina from further harming and embarrassing Serena. During the chaos, Blair searches one of the rooms, still looking for Jack, and is shocked by what she sees.

Chuck is about to propose to Blair at the hospital, as they visit Dorota and her new baby, when Dan appears and rashly delivers a punch to Chuck's face. Blair ends up with her cheek being cut. When he finds himself falling back into his old patterns, he calls Dr. While driving Blair home, Chuck tells her that he showed up only for Serena. Jack Bass has exactly the same tattoo.

He admits that he paid the dowry, but for her freedom and her freedom only. Barnes money to upset Chuck, in hopes that he will do something reckless and drive Blair away forever. When he was in the hospital, he paid the doctor to say he died and then recruited Diana Payne to help him hide.

Jack tells them both separately that he will only give up the hotel if he has sex with Blair. He can be the devil, but at times he can be very charming. Despite this, Blair still marries Louis, but flees the reception with Dan when Louis reveals that their relationship is now strictly business.

In order to gather material for a story, Dan tags along with Chuck for a night, ending with the two of them in jail after a fistfight. Blair leaves for Tuscany without him, as Chuck has decided to seduce Amelia, tossing the roses for Blair in the trash can.

It is rumored that Justin was cheating to Lindsay. While in his personal life after divorce with ex-wife now Justin Hartley new girlfriend is attractive with best face shape, while smile made her prettier. Justin Scott Hartley is his full name. When Blair begins dating Nate again, Chuck realizes his true feelings for her. Chuck regretted his actions but told this to Blair too late as she was already dating Lord Marcus Beaton.

Lorraine Toussaint continued in her role as Claire's fellow prison escapee, Yoga, as a recurring character. The car crash actually happened, and that it was ordered by one of Bart's enemies.

Chuck, Nate and Serena eventually find Blair hiding out in a hotel room with Dan. With the help of Dan, Blair tries to leave for the Dominican Republic to get a divorce from Louis without his consent due to a loophole in the Dominican Republic's law, but forgets her passport. Lily reveals at the conclusion of the episode that Blair is awake and doing fine, but whether or not Chuck has survived was not revealed. Blair breaks up with Chuck and he gets the hotel back, vowing to get Blair back too. As time goes by, Betty and Daniel become friends and help each other navigate their individual professional and personal lives.

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Unhappily, after eight years of great journey with Lindsay, she filed for divorce in court. Despite his innocence, he settles to keep the scandal out of the media. After Jenny declares that it's only a matter of time before they both destroy each other, Chuck and Blair agree to a truce. That was something Ed Westwick really brought as an actor. Both have handsome fan following, this divorce made them sad.

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Blair asks Chuck to tell her he loves her, but his fear of commitment stops him. During the wedding reception, Chuck gives a speech about forgiveness that is implied to be directed towards Blair. As Bart Bass and Lily van der Woodsen's relationship progresses, they decide to move their families in together.

Chuck tries desperately to win Blair back, doing everything from banning all of the other Upper East Side men from dating her to asking her to meet him on top of the Empire State Building. The good thing about this couple was that they maintained their career and personal life in best manners. He has these slices of his personality. However, Sophia finds Blair and threatens to forcefully sell Eleanor's company as dowry if Blair chooses not to return. However, it is revealed that Blair's fiance, Louis, gives Dr.

Chuck then travels to Prague to escape New York for a while, feeling as though he has nothing left. In addition, production was moved to New York City from Los Angeles to make the series more realistic and to take advantage of increased tax incentives in New York. They meet in a casino in Monte Carlo.

The series concludes with the Suarez sisters leaving home, fading out dating personals with Betty accepting a new job in London and Hilda and Justin moving out to live with Bobby. Now she is requesting to Justin Hartley for joint legal and physical custody of their daughter Isabelle. Justin Hartley Married to Who?

Barnes and Louis, leaving Blair devastated. This process rekindles their bond, and they succeed in getting rid of Georgina.

He's not a character that has a lot of layers. There's something wrong with that level of perfection. Chuck struggles to run Bass Industries to his deceased father's impeccably high standards.