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Otherwise, provide the source of such social media message to investigate more. After my Canadian citizenship. Can I get all amount which I pay. Its not about financial life.

Dear Devraj, Refer above post and visit the concerned branch for the same. Then you can surrender it. Now am trying to find how much is total amount with the bonus. Roshni-This is the drawback of such products.

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It is calculated as below. Regarding loan repayment, you have to pay only the interest part. Rather than that first try to identify your financial goals and invest accordingly. Does that mean that I need to wait till to get the amount?

Hi Basavaraj Tonagatti, Hope you doing wel i can see most of your reply. Dear Rajesh, I am repeating the same.

Maximum depends on surrender valuation calculation also. So i wanted to ask you should i go ahead with this plan or invest in mutual funds only but in mf the returns are not guaranteed? Dear Jitendra, You are get cheated horribly by those who sold you. Ravi-As me better to surrender even though you get less of what you paid.

What value i will get if i surrender. Please advise, if there is any possibility of getting anything above what is being told. Please share your valuable thoughts. Will we get any money we paid back.

An insurance is like asking someone to cover an unforeseen loss. However, it never renewed.

Will my parents or my relative are eligible to do the surrender, I will provide all documents shared above. One is surrender and another is paid up. Is there any other possibilities? Dear Abhishek, Approach the home branch to know the values and surrender.

However, you can surrender the rest of the two. Yes, I am also planning to surrender.

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Did we make mistake in taking these policies. Gangadhar-First decide yourself which option you want to choose. Otherwise, better to stop.

Like say a car crash or fire. However now I have received bill payment notification in my bank account for amount?

Dear Mujeeb, You can now surrender it. Please understand it right way.

Sachin-Jeevan Saral is different story. Sachin-You know one thing? Is it possible for the agent to get the entire process taken care off and transfer the money to my account or do I need to be physically present? This is called Total Paid Up Value.

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Hence, the biggest learning is that we must educate ourselves first. Dear Faraz, It is the biggest blunder they committed and let them correct it. But the quantum of the money should be get it if you visit the home branch. Newstar-Hard to say and hence suggest you to contact the servicing branch for the same. My husband is not staying with me for a year now.

The end loser are common and innocent peoples. Nowhere I see fundvalue online. Also let me know how much surrender value i would get now should i wait for some more time. Please understand the basics of how the return on investment is calculated. Else, better to surrender.

Else think of surrendering. Want to surrender, appreciate to know the surrender value. Should I stop paying and get paid up value? For example, if Sum Assured is Rs. Year is marked as year in which insurance lost it to Mutual Funds.

Discharge form is to be submitted. Hello Sir, Thank you so much for putting together he information, fast opera mini which one rarely gets at the Govt.

Samrat-Surrender or continue is purely your call. If not how if the Surrender Value calculated? But whether your agent supports surrender or paid up when he knows that his income will stop immediately? Some people feel God comes in human form to save them from their own mistakes after they have committed them.

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If you are so lazy, then I am double lazy. Having an intention not to continue with it and have not returned the bond paper to the company yet. Shall i quit this plan or continue with this plan?

My relative had taken Jeevan Anand Table No. Kindly share your thoughts. Else please suggest how to re-invest. Dear Jaidev, You have to approach to the branch for duplicate bond at first.