Lightscribe Labeling Software

If the LightScribe template has not been previously selected, you can select it here and your text and images will be automatically adjusted to fit within the template boundary. Installed them and downloaded my choice of label templates for burning. Your instructions were simple and got me up to speed right away. Please do not close the window until it has completely finished installing.

How to Create a LightScribe CD or DVD Label

Install the LightScribe System Software first before installing this program. You must have Administrator or SuperUser account access and passwords to install either package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the job without the learning curve Cons none, can't complain about free Summary I use this to do my quickest labeling, with no frills. Right-click the security icon for firewall or antivirus software and select disabled. For the same reason, using circular text instead of straight text can also speed up burn times. Click Tracks to display the Edit Tracks window. You really have hit the mark.

Click and drag the image to the desired area on the label. What happens if I forget to flip the disc over before burning the label? Thank you for the professional site. You can add new text and pictures for example, more song names or file names to a previously burned label.

Retired Folks who want a beautiful LightScribe label to complement their cherished memories. Will the LightScribe image fade or darken over time or with exposure to light?

With Sonic Express Labeler. Angela Smith Toronto - Canada.

Your file will most likely be downloaded to your home directory. Playlists - How to create and import playlists. These drivers and utilities are provided by a third party. Please uninstall all previous Beta or pre-release versions of the Template Labeler before installing any final release versions.

You may be prompted to restart your computer. Better LightScribe Contrast.

Pros it was easy to use, and understand, this was my first time using light scribed tech and it was nice. Read and acknowledge the software licensing agreement. It's a pleasure doing business with you.

Dear Steve, Please don't thank me for buying your product. Your product has just saved the day! If prompted, you may need to restart your computer for your update to take effect.

The desktop icon can be easily deleted or dragged to the trash can if not wanted. As is, I made my own template in photoshop and use this to print from.

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Using this utility can result in higher contrast, but with longer label burning times. LightScribe software and disc utilities may be found on a number of public websites. Make sure that you are burning labels with gold discs containing the LightScribe logo. Cons None to think of at this time.

Double click the downloaded file shown on your desktop to extract the installation file. Europe, Middle East, Africa. It was a really great experience to see something so easy, direct and informative. Enter text for the title and subtitle.

LightScribe discs are identified by the LightScribe logo on the retail packaging and on the inner area of the disc itself. The LightScribe landscape has changed a lot over the years. Using Draft or Normal imaging modes provides a shorter burn time, but also results in a lighter label. This is possible because LightScribe discs have special marks on the inner circle which allows the drive to detect the exact rotational position of the disc. The installation may take several minutes.

Use the arrow buttons to navigate to an image. Home Download Purchase Support Contact. Hewlett-Packard's LightScribe website is no longer active.

LightScribe Labeling

Installation Instructions for Windows 10 and 8.1

When beginning the burning of the label, the LightScribe software provides the estimated amount of time it takes to complete the label. Must install LightScribe System Software first before installing. Search the Internet for LightScribe to find these pages. While the disc is labeling, disney beauty and the beast movie avoid any sudden shock or vibration to the computer. Each successive labeling will darken the blacks and generally produce a better image.

Too Basic with No Useful Features. You can continue to work on your computer while LightScribe is burning the label. Click the Theme menu and choose one of the provided theme images. Click Install to start the file installation process.

To ensure the longest life for both the label and data, keep optical discs out of direct light. Be sure to download the one that works for your distribution.

LightScribe Labeling

Cons Despite improvements to the program, I find I must still burn twice to get the image satisfactorily dark. Frankly, it's hard to pick on this app. Creating a LightScribe label Burning a label with LightScribe is a separate process from burning data, music, or pictures onto a disc. Burning the label was easy, even for a novice like me. Select a label template by clicking the left or right arrows next to Layout and choosing a layout.