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Items included sun glasses, T-shirts, hand cuffs and lockets, all on a limited edition basis. The cast and crew are yet to be finalised.

Sanjana is in love with Vinayak, but he pretends to love her. Films directed by Venkat Prabhu.

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Shortly after the film's release and its high commercial success, Venkat Prabhu confirmed the possibility of a sequel, provided that Ajith Kumar accepted. The four take him in, promising him a fifth of the share. Later, all of them celebrate the turn of events at Mahat's bar, but Sumanth is identified at the party by Faizal and is later caught by him. The two actually prove to be equal.

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Sumanth is cornered by Chettiyar, who orders Faizal to kill him for his treachery, but is rescued in time by Ganesh and Vinayak, and the trio escape from the hideout, taking Chettiyar hostage. Good news is that Venkat Prabhu has already readied the plot for the sequel. There's a heist, a few chases, gunfights, cusswords, three good-looking women and a salt-and-pepper-haired protagonist, who is naughty at forty. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

With the protagonist role in Mankatha incidentally being such a character, Ajith immediately accepted the role, temple run game for android phones turning the film into a high-profile production. Mankatha is a Indian Tamil black comedy action thriller film written and directed by Venkat Prabhu.


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Vinayak is introduced to Chettiyar through his girlfriend Sanjana Trisha. Vinayak comes to know of Mahat and Prem's whereabouts through Ganesh, and along with him, starts pursuing them. Vinayak starts spying on them and confronts them on the day of the planned heist, stepping in. He wants to kill his accomplices and take the entire amount. One late evening, Vinayak meets Prem, who becomes inebriated by him and reveals their heist plan.

The multiplexes gave it the maximum number of shows including morning shows in all screens. Meanwhile, upon reaching the godown, they discover that Mahat and Prem had escaped with the cash and are accompanied by Sona Lakshmi Rai.

While driving back to the godown, Vinayak finds Sanjana on the way and brutally shoves Chettiyar out of the vehicle in front of her. Vinayak befriends the boys at Sumanth's marriage with Suchithra Anjali. The rest really don't matter. After a brief scuffle, Sumanth runs into Prithvi, who takes him to custody and rescues his wife on the condition that he turns approver and divulge everything. After looting the money, they leave the money in an abandoned godown.

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The story, set in Mumbai, revolves around a heist of cricket betting money, executed by a gang of four thieves, who are joined by a fifth unknown man, and its aftermath. Prithvi informs Vinayak that their money was safe in the Bank of England and asks him to deal with Kamal. Yuvan Shankar Raja Bhavatharini. He promises to help them and divide it between them.

They had come to know about the betting money scheme by Chettiyar and operated the plan together including Vinayak's faked death. Dhayanidhi Alagiri Vivek Rathnavel.

Sanjana engulfs in grief when she comes to know about Vinayak's true intentions. The sequel might happen in future but we haven't started any discussions in this regard. After several days, the police gets information about Ganesh to be living in Thailand. For others though, it's strictly average entertainment.

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Kamal under the name of Praveen Kumar arrives there but comes across Vinayak. Prithvi then reveals that Kamal faked his death in a secret mission to draw attention to the betting scandals and returns under the name Praveen Kumar. At the final moment of the fight, Kamal throws a gun to Prithvi, who shoots Vinayak, and a huge explosion rocks the shack, seemingly ending the fight. The three are then confronted by Faizal and Chettiyar's men, but manage to evade them and get on the run. Prithvi and the others follow suit, and all of them are holed up in a highway resort with the money.