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She also said that she sees people who have had these phones for years with no problems, so it is possible that you will get lucky and not buy one of the many lemons out there! It does not void cell phone's warranty.

Pressing any button on the keypad, even mashing all of the keys, gave no response. My phone is failing like all others, the white screen of death as it is called has possesed this phone. Only button that operates is the power button now.

And that's where it's at right now. Cons Not durable at all and all the other complaints I've said. My contracts were deleting themselves, and I couldn't text because the rest of the key-pad was wearing away.

The woman at the store mentioned that she sees this issue alot with Motorola phones especially this model. Motorola Phone Tools need I say more? So I track down the original phone's Manufacturing Number and call Motorola. We bought my daughter's W for her birthday. The overall construction is sturdy, o bhavre mp3 I've dropped it many times and nothing has broken.

So, once again, I called in and they ran me through a few tests like turning the power off, reseting, changing the brightness, etc. Then I dropped the phone in a tidepool in hawaii not a nice sandy one, but a rough lava one and a wave came in and bashed the phone around in the tidepool. They replaced it as it was still under warranty.


Btw, the color of the phone is lime green and I'm starting to the that maybe the green one's are defective. Pictures Compare Specifications. They are taking us to the cleaners! Pros Long battery life, has a lot of storage space.

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But, nothing worked and it was still faded. Pros Looks nice, camera works pretty good. Our Galaxy Fold didn't break. Its other features are pretty good as well.

Don't waste your money on this phone. Please note that each user review reflects the opinion of its respectful author and not of PhoneArena. Resend confirmation email. Inside, internal display is fine, pretty bright and colorful, shows what you need.

Soo, I called in a whatnot, saying this shouldn't have happened again. Recently I have had problems charging the phone, I'll plug it in and it will not charge. The the left side of the screen, I noticed, was darker than the right. Now I'm not saying they are, I'm just saying, could this happen?

It isn't well made, the D-Pad came off after a year of use, the speaker phone started to die. After a year and a half, though, I think my phone may be on its way out. It was like it have a mind of it's own but, I figured it was just because I dropped it twice. Good screens, for their size. Today it, once again, started the dialing on its own business.

Unlike the W this does have a square external display, the W is vertical, so. But the phone is getting very laggy and slow lately. Then go to that Style detail screen and you will see how to set up that style's ringtone for everything.


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It's a suck ass shitty piece of crap T-Mobile tried to sell as a cell phone. Once my contract is up with T-Mobile, it's bye- bye! Right in the fricken center. It is very easy for texting.

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Galaxy Fold is a foldable phone with a bendable screen. This phone is an unmitigated piece of crap. Pretty mid-range features overall. Calling and texting works fine.

Im thinking of just trashing this phone then buying a unlocked phone and using the sim card. Keypad buttons, they are flat with the surface of the phone, it's typical for phones like this. This was my third issued phone.

The only positive thing I can say is that it can hold a charge longer than my last phone. This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. Latest Helpful Positive Negative.

Newest first Oldest first Best rating. So, I hate to say it, but in spite of the fact that my phone has been through surf and washing machines, it is flawed nonetheless, in its manufacturing, in some way. Detailed instructions on how to enter the unlock code into your mobile phone are provided.

Battery cover not very robust. We were under warranty so it got replaced. Otherwise, I've been mostly happy with the phone.