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Calculators with Special Message Submitted by Karla Stovall We do an annual recognition event for our board and commission members. We did not include a formal recognition ceremony due to feedback we had received from volunteers at previous events. Volunteers will be treated to a dessert from the country of the table they choose. It really worked out well.

Favors were bandanas and beautiful folding fans period correct so they can use them on tour! Finally, I had a chocolatier make chocolate-covered apples for each volunteer and they also received a personalized, dated Christmas ornament. Entertainment was a local musician who sang love songs throughout dinner. What an fun time for our volunteers.

The banquet room was right next door decorated with police hats, badges, etc. We worked with our Gift Shop to order musical angel figurines and had a different large angel as the centerpiece for each table. Whoever is holding it at the end of the story goes home with the centerpiece. We had done formal banquets in the past - but everyone loved the relaxed and fun atmosphere so we will definitely do this again!

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Then tied blue, red and pink foil balloon hearts to the gift bags which were used as centerpieces, cougars speed dating and were later used as door prizes. Our recreation staff will be dressed in blue and white to celebrate this years colour theme.

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We wanted to acknowledge the work from our volunteers. You've chosen a great theme! The band invited audience participation so people could try out the marimba or congos, dance, or just listen. We even received items from the local sports teams to use as giveaways. There were a few outstanding volunteers who were asked to stand and the volunteer coordinator in the witness stand would state how they were guilty of the crime.

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You are important to us every day of the week! This was the most popular banquet we had. These forms are available at each event and are filled out by someone who notices another's outstanding achievement. The gift bag for each table fit the month using colored lunch sacks and appropriate treats or small items in each one. Each squad member and guest received a book, and the keynote speech was geared around volunteering.

When you say the word right, the item is passed from the person holding it to the right. This event was inexpensive because of advance planning and being able to purchase the tablecloths, holdiay or seasonal napkins and table decorations on clearance. It was very different but very comical and enjoyable.

We had door prizes gift cards to local restaurants, movie theaters, bookstores, and coffee cards, as well as some nice wine from local vineyards. Sundaes on Wednesday Submitted by Becki Swindell For volunteer appreciation week this year I am planning an ice cream sundae party at a local ice cream parlor. So we presented the awards to them individually.

It was great to see the volunteers running around to each table to look at them and check out other people's birthday bags! It was a bit zany, but was a good ice breaker and many didn't want to stop when I said time was up. For personal favors I found molded chocolate in the shape of a globe. No one felt left out if they didn't receive a reward because we all expressed our appreciation to them personally. There were so many things to do!

All of the gifts had volunteer sayings on them. Most of my volunteers don't need another item to dust. Each table at the luncheon will be decorated for a different country. So, once I had the theme, I started to write a list of everything else that needed to be done.

They are sold at automotive and hardware stores. We covered the tables with white linen and used silver or gold accents to compliment the centerpiece.

Submitted by Susan Smith Here's the game we played at our volunteer recognition luncheon this year to see who would get the centerpiece at each table. Volunteers were then recognized and thanked for their valued gift of time in serving others.

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