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Sachaa Jhutha

She looked better in some of her other movies, though. The movie stars Rajesh Khanna as a simple villager, who has a look-alike who is a crook. Was this review helpful to you? Rajesh Khanna Mumtaz Vinod Khanna. However, best of chandrabindu songs interestingly Rajesh Khanna won Filmfare award for it.

Bhola arrives in the city and he is called Ranjith in a party. The film was the second highest grosser of the year and was declared a Super Hit. The music is by Kalyanji Anandji.

Sachaa Jhutha Movie Poster. And I was interested enough to watch it through the end even if there is no mystery whatsoever about how a Hindi movie would end.

Box office hits of the pair Rajesh Khanna-Mumtaz. With multitude of coincidences, the plot pushes along with the help of beautiful, sweet though not smart Mumtaz and melodious songs. Ranjith's girlfriend Ruby trains Bhola to be like Ranjith and he acts like him.

Neela and Avinash are medical students, and are attracted to each other. But he did not reveal the reason for him. Ranjit Kamar is a wealthy businessman who moonlights as a diamond thief and smuggler who is the dead spliting image of Bhola.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But Avinash is poor and wants Neela to live a comfortable life. There is a nice plot here and you can feel the Manmohan Desai touch throughout. In s when I saw his films, initially I had hard time appreciating his films.

Sachaa Jhutha

Bhola finds Ranjith is actually a thief and plans a grand diamond loot. They seemed incredibly silly. Over the years, I have watched many comedian performing a mimicry of his dancing style. Arun is a air force pilot an dies in a crash leaving pregnant Vandana heartbroken. He acts as Ranjith in the city and the real Ranjith continues his underground work.

Pradhan meets Belu and helps her to reach the place. Taking place almost entirely over the course of one stormy night, a woman is terrified when an accused murderer escapes from a mental hospital and seeks refuge in her home.

Also, his movies never had outstanding songs. He is friendly with Calcutta-based wealthy Vikram Vicky Maharaj. Rajesh Khanna, Tanuja, Sujit Kumar. He convinces Bhola to act like Ranjith in front of society as he is suffering from cancer and requires treatment.

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Both of them claim themselves as Bhola and confuse everyone. Not much scope for acting in this movie. Both played by handsome Rajesh Khanna with trademark mannerisms that somehow feel genuine. Bhola resists the plan, but Ranjith blackmails him with his sister.

Widowed and ailing Savitri Choudhury lives a wealthy lifestyle along with her son, Anil, in a palatial mansion in India. On the other hand, Bombay city Police department is shocked by a series of diamond thefts which leave no clue. Belu is misguided by some men regarding the whereabouts of her brother and tries to exploit her, but Pradhan saves her from them and takes her to his home. Rajesh Khanna, Mumtaz, Nirupa Roy.

Ruby, who follows Belu to Pradhan's house informs Ranjith about her. Trending Hindi Movies and Shows. This film was no exception. The simple, kind-hearted, charming village man vs the sophisticated, evil crook.

Sachaa Jhutha Hindi Movie Mp3 Songs Download

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Ranjith steals a huge amount of diamonds, but Bhola replaces him by attacking him and leaves the place. Belu finally marries Inspector Pradhan and Bhola marries Rita. Bhola Rajesh Khanna is an innocent band musician who lives with his physically challenged sister Belu in a village. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows.

Sachaa Jhutha

Bhola finally learns every mannerism of Ranjith and at an instance, he behaves like Ranjith to Ranjith. We are at least spared the song in rain. Learn more More Like This. Mangal Singh Rajesh Khanna has been a career criminal, whose criminal career began to steal food and to keep from starving, and thence got him in deeper and deeper in the criminal world.

Hits and Flops of Rajesh Khanna. The movie was a box office blockbuster. It was fun to see the original.

Rajesh Khanna, Nanda, Sujit Kumar. He also promises that he would give money for his sister's marriage. Arun meets Vandana during a vacation and very soon they secretly get married. Rajesh Khanna produces his trademark acting.

Ranjith, posing like her brother, goes to Pradhan's home and takes her with him. He immediately conceives a plan. Bhola watches a marriage ceremony on the road and he imagines the bride to be his sister and sings the same song which he sang in the village.

Ranjith who arrives the party is surprised to see Bhola, as he looks identical to him. Films directed by Manmohan Desai. This is one of those formulaic film that Hindi cinema is famous for, including not-so-subtle moralistic teachings. Belu is confused as to who is her brother among them. It also stars Mumtaz and Vinod Khanna.