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Spicy food won't make it curl. At least I didn't include my name. The new songs fit in well and also sounded great - I hadn't heard any of them before the gig, but quickly went out and got his new album afterwards. Steamed open a couple envelopes like I was in private detective mode.

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The walls in my house were paper thin. It was self serving just like this is.

Trying to listen in or eaves drop from another dimension. Probably to keep from being embarrased. If my memory serves me correctly I made it a point to void and forget some things. At bloke a the bar summed the gig up pretty well. Beer won't give you chest hair.

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Or cooking up something in hell's kitchen. When I did I figured that I was immortal. Great value for money, momo dating site entertaining throughout.

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Best of Times by Sage Francis on Vimeo

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Now I wonder if I'll live to see marriage. Or I just spent too much time wondering if I'd live to have sex. Used to wonder if I'd live to see my first kiss.

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Don't listen when they tell you that these are your best years. It's best that you hear what they don't want you to hear. For better or worse that's how I learned that it's best to just keep some things private.

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Disconnected the phone when I thought the teacher would call my home. Never meant to upset or give grief to my parents. If you snoop around long enough for something in particular you're gauranteed to find it.

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