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So the first thing to do is source the plans and see if plumbing was done correctly, according to plan. We are leasing a building with insufficient access to toilettes. So what lurks between the covers?

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The landlord wants to close of the disbaled toilette as a unisex toilette for another tenant. Before I wrapped up this instalment, I scanned through the material we covered, to make sure I did not miss anything important. There is no cross connection between the potable supply and any grey water or groundwater system which may be installed. He says he has brought it up with the body corporate a few times but they ignore him. Non-Water-Borne Sanitary Disposal.

If you know where to look, you can find an enormous amount of useful information, including legislation and official documents that will assist you with your building projects. This web site provides valuable information to us, 1366x768 wallpaper keep it up. Apparently it is not right. Please keep us informed like this.

Water Reticulation SANS 10252-1 Workshop

Water Reticulation SANS 10252-1 Workshop

Water Reticulation SANS Workshop

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Request a call back South Africa only. If you can identify the erf that the neighbour is living on, you should be able to find out who owns the property. It must also be located where excessive overflow discharges can be readily detected i.

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Proof that this is a totally new publication can be found on the cover page. My neighbours semi-detached house is now sold and I am afraid that the new neighbours will not allow us to use their yard as our storm water drain.

This tundish must discharge via a water seal trap into a stack pipe. Most of the National Building Regulations will apply. These do not have any electricity or ablutions for their use. We got a grab a book from our location library but I feel I learned far more from this post. If you wait a few more months, this method is proposed to be the primary method on which the new act is based.

There are also updates on certain sections of the standards, some of which are draft standards, that you can currently download, free. Which test can l use and how do l go about doing it? Installation methods are covered briefly, and there is a useful table for sizing gutters and downpipes in relation to the size of the roof of any building. You will find the relevant tables here.

The Act that governs the National Building Regulations has been amended several times, most recently in when some major changes were made. You need to rattle cages very loudly. More recently, we looked at the registration requirements for accredited persons.

Drainage and plumbing is not only what you see above ground. None of the terminal water fittings leak and they are correctly fixed in position. Hi, I have an existing building and i do not have a storm water drainage in front of my house. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. And the thing that struck me was we all have to go out and buy a whole new code.

Provided that, in any building divided into two or more areas not having the same primary function, the occupancy of each such area shall be separately classified. Me and my neighbor were just preparing to do some research about this. There are no separate specifications for different types of houses. It was his plot and architect. All technical advice can be found by visiting our Need Plumbing Advice?

About Us Advertise Contact. Your email address will not be published. Which we will look at in a future instalment. My sewerage line coming from the back of the house is running at an angle across the yard to the connection in front to join main sewerage line in the street.

It is intended to be legislated in August this year, which means the current act will be revoked. Under no circumstances must the overflows be discharged at ceiling height, which could cause scalding to a person entering the shower. This depends on how many people will live or work in a particular building. Suffusion theme by Sayontan Sinha. Is it permited to transform the garage in question into a duning room?

Afternoon I would like to know how to go about building a log home where can I see the specifications that I need to build the house according to? Is it reasonable to expect the builder to take steps to improve the drainage at his cost. There are way too many copyright warnings around the test report example.

The garage wall is directly boarded with my neibough. Clarity in terms of Ingress of Storm water to sewer. Guidelines for Consultants.

What part the regulation can i consult? Your neighbours have no reason to allow you to drain stormwater onto their property.

For starters, if you have converted the courtyard into a room then the council likely would have required plans. Please read this article for clarification. The categories could be easily changed to adapt it for use estimating and costing a home build. An air gap must be provided. All water, waste disposal, soils and stormwater have to be drained away and treated to maintain safety and health.

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Hi I walled an area in my courtyard that had an existing shelter, making the sheltered area into a tiny room. You do have the option of getting an Agrement Certificate as Penny suggested.

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