Singara Punnagai Song

Janani Janani Jaya You destroy everything that is evil! Please come right away and give darshan. By singing and dancing and worshipping always, I attained thy Lotus Feet. You are Devi Narayani and Sri Hari. She is the consort of Krishna and She is the embodiment of Mahalakshmi.

Unnai Paadiduvom Naangal Aadiduvom Nin Padamalarai Naangal Soodiduvom Chorus We will sing your glories and dance with estacy and take the flower from thy esteemed feet and place on our head. She is the mother of Sharavana. Please come to us dancing our Beloved Amma. Janani Janani Jaya You are omnipresent! You are the ocean of compassion.

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Royal Carpet Karnatik Krithis Lyrics

Really Excellent and Attractive. Victory to Ram who is in the form of Arul Sakthi. You represent the Celestial words and sounds! Victory to Goddess Kaali who has an auspicious form! You are the sky and you are the earth and you fill everyone with thy grace!

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Your voice is so sweet that listening to your words is like drinking divine nectar. She also sang duets with female singers with most notably with P. All our wishes have been fulfilled by your grace.

You are the form of the primordial serpent! He is the beloved of Seetha, brother of Lakshmana and worshipped by Hanuman. Please give us your darshan! Irumanam Kalanthal Thirumanam.

You are the form of the Supreme Soul! Puthiya Akasam Puthiya Bhoomi. You are the form of supreme love, peace and who is our Inner Master.

Saraswathi O Goddess known as Narani! You are the Queen of all Yogins! He charms my mind with his exceedingly beautiful form.

You are beautifully adorned with the kumkum- vermillion mark on your forehead. Unnmaiyil Olirndidum Thaaye! Your eyes are beautified with Kaajal and your forehead looks beautiful with the kumkum. Whoever seeks refuge in her, she accepts them.

Super collection but letter is not que all song attached but songs are collapsed. You are the form of the entire Universe!

Singara Punnagai - MAHADEVI (1957)

Is it possible to give a single link for all the songs to download, macmillan graded readers rather than downloading all of them individually? Bhajans are devotional songs that express our love and praise for God.

She is Vani who calms our turbulent minds by sitting in our hearts and blessing us! She is the mother of one and all.

You are the daughter of the ocean and You are the saviour of the less fortunate! She is the Mother of one and all. Praise to Narayani, who blesses her devotees on a full moon day! Anjali, Swarna and Renuka. You are truth and you are my mother.

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Brush aside our defects and take us at thy feet. Aanavam Azhithidum Thaaye! Shivagaami, the consort of Lord Shiva, is Narayani. She is the indweller, the power of speech, one who can release us from bondage. Manaiviye Manithanin Manickam.

Why should we return from you without thy Grace? Please take me under your protection. With our hearts filled with love, our eyes are searching for you. Her form enchants the entire world.

You are the Queen of Yoga! Please come soon, come running and give us darshan. Saraswathi O Goddess known as Bhairavi! She is always performing the blissful Fire Sacrifice.

Royal Carpet Karnatik Krithis Lyrics

You rid us of all our sins! Victory to Goddess Kaali who gives victory in all ventures!

If you think that this file information breach your Copyrights then you can request for a removal for these information. You are decorated with white Jasmine flowers. You speak very nicely and very fluently.