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Amar and Mansi are in love, and decide to get married. Dharmendra, Jaya Bhaduri, Sumita Sanyal. Trivia Kora Kagaz, incredibly, almost didn't get made. The film is a lesson in both love and marriage.

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Ashok Kumar, Rekha, Rakesh Roshan. Kapoor is an unemployed but talented youth who was born in Lahore, and is the grandson of renowned Lala Kedarnath. Edit Storyline Archana, an educated daughter of retired principal loves Professor Sukhesh. The movie was a hit and Vijay Anand followed it up with another heroine-dominated movie Main Tulsi tere aangan ki which also went on to become a hit. Archana, an educated daughter of retired principal loves Professor Sukhesh.

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His mother vehemently opposes the alliance. And indeed, hers is an exceptional, nuanced portrayal that is replete with depth and maturity. Nirmala Gupta runs her household and family in a very strict and authoritarian manner. Learn more More Like This.

She is in love with Vijay, a pilot, and both are expected to marry soon. Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar.

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Madhu Shastri lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed dad, who is also the Principal of Adarsh Mahavidyalyal. It is overall a well-made Hindi picture of the s, but Jaya Bhaduri makes it even better and a must-watch. Her role was as strong as that of the hero.

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Audible Download Audio Books. Was this review helpful to you? The movie needed a middle aged actor to play the estranged husband. Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammad Rafi.

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Jeetendra, Hema Malini, Durga Khote. She carries the film on her able shoulders, and is undoubtedly the main reason it works. Filmfare Nominees for Best Film.

Kusum has his name tattooed on her arm. My Top Bollywood Hindi movies of all time. She comes from a rich family, and he is a simple professor who lives a poor lifestyle with his aunt. Seeds of marital love have not yet flowered into sweet joys of wedlock when whims and ego's of Archana and Sukhesh start clashing. Dhaniram brings a trucker named Gerulal to Jugni's house so that he can rent a room.

The story itself, however, though handled with understanding and honesty, is nothing extraordinary and it has its share of unrestrained emotions. Archana's mother is of a different class with materialistic notions of life and she too unwillingly gives her consent to the marriage. Vinod Khanna, Tanuja, Deven Verma. By the time we learn to live, life is gone.

Though a dutiful loving wife of a sweet husband, Archana is very much the daughter of her mother, who with all good intentions intervenes in the day to day life of the couple. Song from Aradhana Lyrics movie sung by kishore kumar, lata mangeshkar, written by anand bakshi, song is composed by s d burman. Latest Movies Lyrics Simmba.

Kora Kagaz Sanam Puri Sanah Moidutty Mp3 Song Download

Love kora kagaz tha yeh mann mera song? The authenticity with which Kora Kagaz portrays the complexity of marriage and relationships is appreciable, and at the same time it has entertainment value and mass appeal. Kora Kagaz is overall a realistic, simple and enjoyable family drama. Nutan, Asha Parekh, sarvam video songs Vijay Anand.

Kora Kagaz Tha By Kishore Kumar-Download Mp3 Song

Aradhana Lyrics Song Lyrics. They do so, and still continue to be in love. Written by Everest Entertainment.

Free Download Kora Kagaz Tha Yeh Man Mera.mp3

The film stars Jaya Bhaduri in a fantastic author-backed role. Kora Kagaz answers the struggle of intellectual lovers who find it difficult to enjoy marital bliss. Both love each other, and decide to marry when they grow up. Asha Bhosle, Mohammad Rafi. The only other alternative was Sanjeev Kumar but he was extremely busy with Mausam, Sholay and a host of other movies at the time.

Just before the film was to go on the floors, the financier backed out. Anil Ganguly is one film director who was probably keen on making meaningful mainstream movies, which had both the conventional ingredients of popular cinema and a fair share of substance.

She is always restrained and real, she never goes over-the-top, even when it is easier to do so, and rather than acting her parts, she inhabits them. She enters his house and the problems begin mainly because of her mother, who was never really happy with this marriage. Thakur Rajnath Singh Chouhan, an aristocrat loves dearly a former prostitute, Tulsi and wishes to marry her.