Subwoofer Enclosure Design Software

Subwoofer enclosure design software

Make a subwoofer enclosure plan. What is the Subwoofer Box for? Show the Best Subwoofer Boxes. The enclosure calculators have locks in each of the dimension fields.

Space is provided for such details as the driver's bolt circle diameter, front and rear mount baffle cutout diameters and retail price. Port length for a given diameter Frequency - decibel response plot Power response - decibel plot.

Enter the impedances of the tweeter and woofer and specify the crossover frequency. Driver records can be added, edited and deleted. Expandable Driver Library. New drivers can be added to the database just by filling out a new driver form. But the issue is that music doesn't have sinewaves in it.

This is a very complicated and overly discussed topic. The black plots show a range of frequency loudness response curves for this driver.

The screenshot below shows the Rectangular Box Calculator. Totally a different deal altogether.

Like off your wall outlet, just smaller voltage. Diffraction Loss Auto Cabin Response. The crossover calculators will give you the component values needed for the crossover type you selected. Best phase and time response. An Overview of WinSpeakerz.

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This allows you to lock a couple of the parameters of the enclosure and let others float to achieve the volume of the enclosure you want. This popular speaker simulator lets you propose various speaker systems and then evaluate them in software before you cut wood or order expensive transducer components.

Once you've decided on the box you can open the box calculator and have WinSpeakerz suggest the dimensions. Do you want a floorstanding tower speaker, or a pair of bookshelves? Our collection of cutout patterns for accessories that are mounted on enclosure faces or panels. The WinSpeakerz Driver Database. The Crossover Calculators.

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Normally all audio is tested with test tones. For your home theater project you decide on a vented box. Just enter a few parameters and the component values are calculated as you type. The System Editor comes into play after you've selected a driver and have started working at the Workbench. Simple to build, no real thinking involved.

Any combination of saved Systems can be recalled for comparison of different drivers in similar enclosures or the same driver in various enclosures. You can compare your vented box in memory one with the closed box in memory two. Your email address will not be published. You can then enter different volumes and tunings and run the analysis to analyze the effects. Plus you can specify any number of identical drivers in an enclosure.

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Volumes of the front and rear chambers of the box. The red plots show the excursion responses. The full driver-box model includes individual control of absorption, leakage and port losses.

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Tube Vents Rectangular Vents. WinSpeakerz organizes your work in Project files.

The Box window bottom right is where you describe the box type you want WinSpeakerz to analyze. If the graphics team has any questions again, you will be notified via email.

Systems can be instantly recalled to the Workbench by clicking the corresponding buttons on the toolbar. Gain dB of output over sealed. The Plot window is the large upper window where the Frequency, Excursion, Phase, Delay and Impedance responses are displayed. The WinSpeakerz Project Files.

Subwoofer enclosure design software

Bandpass Sealed Vented Example. You can compare different enclosures with different drivers or fine shadings of tuning for a particular system. The Driver and System Parameters window bottom left displays the basic parameters of the driver. So what caused this voice coil to burn?

The WinSpeakerz Box Calculators. Actually the person turning the volume control is the problem. Powered decibel response graph. The WinSpeakerz System Editor. Enter box dimensions and the box volume will be calculated, or, google chrome 32 bit windows xp enter a box volume and the dimensions will be calculated using the Golden Ratio.