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He pushes Nupur away and follows Taani. Finally, in a family function, Anurag declares his love for Taani and proposes to her. Indian Hindi-language television romance series. Taani comes to meet Anurag, but, before he can get out of his car, Ritesh drives up from behind and crashes into him. Meanwhile, Anurag's father, Shekhar and Taani's father, Bimlendu were also best friends.

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But Nupur comes back at that moment and tries to reconcile with Anurag. Shobha Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor. At the end everything is settled. Taani supports him at every step. Anurag confronts Taani about her relationship with Sushant, causing her to burst and reveal all that happened.

He starts to realise his feelings for Taani are stronger than he wants to believe, and these feelings start to manifest themselves as he becomes more and more protective of her. Current broadcasts on StarPlus. Uncomfortable at first, 3d studio max book Anurag and Taani slowly start feeling a special bond between them. Bimlendu had cancer and was worried about Taani's future after his death. Anurag and his car fall off a cliff.

When Ritesh falsely accuses Anurag of Gulabo's murder and blackmails Taani into marrying him, Anurag interrupts and finally gets him arrested. She gets to know that Anurag is alive in a mental asylum. He tells her that their pretence of being engaged is over now. Taani is forced to agree to save Anurag, who has been accused of Gulabo's murder. But Nupur plans on re-entering Anurag's life as his lover.

Veere Di Wedding Laila Majnu. Anurag's innocence is proved. Their respective fathers Bimlendu Banerjee and Shekhar Ganguly are best friends.

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Meanwhile, Taani finds out about Ritesh's intentions but Ananya does not believe her and throws her out. One day, Taani, Anurag and Jonaki take Kuhu to a temple. It is purely symbolic, as the bride and the groom are underage. But, owing to circumstances beyond their control, the teenaged couple is separated, only to meet again after eight years. The show also won an International award for International favourite show.

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Taani retaliates with anger as she does not want Sushant as her husband. He has brought the police, which arrests Ritesh. The understanding is that a more public and official ceremony will take place once Taani and Anurag are older.

Taani is still in love with Anurag whereas Anurag now loves his mentor's daughter, Nupur. Taani's mother Laboni persuades Anurag to come home with her. In a fit of rage, Shekhar calls Anurag a nobody living on his paternal name and wealth. This story encompasses the elements of eternal love between two souls and the sacrifices made by two people through separation and meeting. He is very happy and goes inside with his daughter.

He misinterprets the situation and leaves to retire to a mental asylum. When he succeeds, Nupur suddenly returns and threatens suicide before Anurag accepts her in urgency, though he still loves Taani. Eventually Anurag and Taani gets married.

It then turns out Ritesh has been cheating on Ananya with an illicit worker, Gulabo. Taani feels Anurag still loves Nupur. Anurag-Nupur and Taani-Sushant's engagements are scheduled for the same day, but owing to fate, Sushant leaves Taani, dubious of her feelings for Anurag.

Tere Liye Tere Liye Songs Lyrics

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But Taposh has clearly told Mauli that he is not interested. Taani and Anurag reveal this to Ananya who is shattered and meets a fatal accident. This show was the bestest show ever i want to see this show again and again i just like the titlle song of tere liye i never miss any episode of tere liye it just rocks. Hi i am Anitha from Tamilnadu i like this song very much.

Then, Taposh realizes that he is also in love with Mauli. Ritesh is having an affair with a prostitute named Gulabo. Meanwhile, Nupur, an ambitious woman, leaves Anurag on the day of their engagement, to take up an offer from a modelling agency. Only Ritesh can save Anurag.

One day, Anurag finally declares his feelings to Taani, and they embrace. To reassure Bimlendu, Shekhar gets Anurag married to Taani in a private ceremony, promising a public announcement when they grow older. Taani convinces Anurag to save Nupur. But then she rebukes him for assuming she could ever forget him and move on.

Saddened, Taani thinks Anurag still loves Nupur and goes to convince her to return. Just when Taani and Ritesh are about to get married, Anurag stops them. The show was ranked at no. Anurag tries to get a job and become independent. Harshad Chopda Anupriya Kapoor.

Tere liye title song mp3 Mp4 HD Download

Realizing the truth, Ananya is devastated and walks out the house, crying, on to the street, where she gets into an accident. But Taani refuses, so Anurag decides to go alone. Taani only agrees because Anurag has vowed not to marry until she is well-settled.