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By making this decision, he shifts the film's focus from the subject of German guilt about the Holocaust and turns it on the human race in general. No, not her past as a Nazi guard. Middle aged German barrister Michael Berg recollects to himself his lifelong acquaintance with Hanna Schmitz, a relationship with whom he never disclosed to anyone close to him. Please click the link below to receive your verification email.

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The synopsis below may give away important plot points. San Diego Film Critics Society. She hurt him, he hurt her.

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Eventually, she begins borrowing books from the prison library and teaches herself to read and write by following along with Michael's tapes. Michael discovers that Hanna loves being read to and their physical relationship deepens. Alissa Wilms as Emily Berg.

Roger Ebert This message came to me from a reader named Peter Svensland. The Reader trips over itself now and then, udhayam nh4 mp3 songs 128kbps but it remains wonderfully acted and beautifully realized.

Maybe it's her other shameful secret. What does she get from their affair? Karoline Herfurth as Marthe.

This day, and all their days together, will be obsessed with sex. In the courtroom, he withheld moral witness and remained silent, as she did, as most Germans did.

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Michael's failure to acknowledge it is one of the most agonising, toe-curling aspects of the film. Your email address will solely be used for verifying the ticket.

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Hanna's condition is by no means a metaphor for the moral illiteracy of nazism. Marie Anne Fliegel as Hanna's neighbor. Eight years later, as a law student, he enters a courtroom and discovers Hanna in a group of Nazi prison guards being tried for murder.

It's a haunting and heart-breaking. There's an urgency in human nature to understand.

He is swept away by the discovery of his own sexuality. The book is much more erotic. Pausing nearby an apartment building he vomits. Director Stephen Daldry brings the much needed emotional layer that a character such as Hanna Schmitz desperately needs.

Despite Kate Winslet's superb portrayal, The Reader suggests an emotionally distant, Oscar-baiting historical drama. This was, I admit, a problem I had with the original novel, and the movie treatment has not alleviated it. The movie ends with Michael driving Julia, his daughter, to Hanna's grave and telling her their story. Where in Germany is the movie set? How can Hanna's past be forgiven?

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He is ashamed to reveal his affair with this woman. Michael recovers from scarlet fever and seeks out Hanna to thank her. The sheer fatuity of this exchange left me gasping.

Most puzzling, how could the world allow it? In one of her finest hours, Kate Winslet gives the performance of a lifetime. Learn more More Like This.

Michael, though permitted to visit Hanna, leaves the prison, without seeing her. One sequence shows the older Michael wandering thoughtfully through the deserted but clean and tidy camp with its grim bunks and shower rooms.

Michael is stunned to see that Hanna is one of the defendants. Burghart Klaussner as Judge. Things get more challenging when Pat meets Tiffany, a mysterious girl with problems of her own. Surely any sentient human being, no matter how burdened they might feel by a perverse obligation to carry out Hanna's wishes, would see what a grotesque insult that is? Chris Menges Roger Deakins.

Can we guess, on the basis of how most white Americans, from the North and South, knew about racial discrimination but didn't go out on a limb to oppose it? Most people, most of the time, all over the world, choose to go along. Hannah Herzsprung as Julia. Hare, who rejected using a voiceover narration to render the long internal monologues in the novel, also changed the ending so that Michael starts to tell the story of Hanna and him to his daughter.

It is painfully thought-provoking and probably not unfair. In the end the two producers Donna Gigliotti and Redmond Morris who took over duties were nominated as well as the posthumously honored Minghella and Pollack. The two had a turbulent summer long love affair, dictated by Hanna that their encounters would begin with him reading to her followed by lovemaking.

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Vijnessa Ferkic as Sophie. But she thinks he seeks understanding for Hanna. We went to great lengths to make sure that that's exactly what it didn't turn into. Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Nearly a decade after his affair with an older woman came to a mysterious end, law student Michael Berg re-encounters his former lover as she defends herself in a war-crime trial. But, how can this be true, and above all, how can Michael come to terms with a dark past and an entire country's shame and guilt?

At the center of a skein of vexing ethical questions, Winslet delivers a tough, bravura performance as a woman whose past coincides with Germany's most cataclysmic and hauntingly unresolved era. Having no family or other relations, he finds a place for her to live and even a job, and finally visits Hanna towards her release.