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As a long term educator and one whose specialties are literature and writing, there is a loftier goal here. The story kept me hanging. In a way, I became kind of like Jason, greedy for the result.

It was a cute book with good lessons to be learned. The only problem I had with the book was that it was too short. The fourth problem was that tensions were never truly high.

Purchase at Amazon and local retail stores! He strongly resents his grandfather because his father had died while working for him. Unfortunately, all his heirs have turned into less than savory characters due to the unlimited access to money they have experienced in life.

Hamilton, and Miss Hastings watch one of Red's videos. In my opinion, this book is stupid. This section does not cite any sources.

Elise Peterson Illustrations. It came at a moment for me when I needed a feel good book, when I needed to believe that there's still redeeming qualities in humankind. Jason never really had a steep mountain to climb.

The Ultimate Gift Experience

Hamilton, and his secretary Mrs. Some are born with a wonderful family, others have to find and create one.

Jason Stephens inherits from his uncle after his death. This is a book I will keep on my shelf for years to come and read again and again. Beware of the articulate incompetent.

Every night when I go to sleep, I am saying goodbye to another day I will never get back. In this case the story is of a millionaire who dies and makes a spoiled nephew go through a series of monthly tests in order to receive his inheritance.

But what Red left him was anything but simple. This would initially not seem unusual as most people my age have already attended a retirement celebration for one or both of their parents. Very good life lessons here. There are three states that we can dwell on in our lives. Edit Storyline Jason thought his inheritance was going to be the gift of money and lots of it.

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How would you feel or do if you were Jason Stevens? We want microwave efforts with crock pot results. Why was this book so friggin bad? True loyal friends are hard to find so treat them that way.

Don't get me wrong, I understand that all books in this genre are just long winded stories that try to teach principles. It should have been told from the perspective of Jason himself. Hamilton, the eighty-year-old lawyer. Red leaves everyone in his family money as their inheritance, except Jason. It makes each gift and experience worth living.

Individuals should beware that the story does stray from the book, but it only serves to enhance the storyline. On three separate occasions my eyes teared up. In reading previous postings, it is apparent that some have not in fact seen the film.

The ultimate gift bookThe Ultimate Life is now on DVD

You never know when a new friendship is about to begin. It was enjoyable because the focus was on Jason himself, and we got to watch his character grow. They explore friends, money, laughter, and a good person.

The Ultimate Gift by Jim StovallThe Ultimate Gift

In the book you can't really connect with the characters, they're one-sided, but in the movie you can. Make this your gift to life and to you this year. Another of his tasks requires him to travel to Ecuador and study in a library his father and grandfather built to help the people there. After putting it down I could not stop the thoughts going through my head about my life and the way it will affect and improve the lives of others going forward. His former girlfriend, knowing that he has regained his wealth, makes an attempt to win him back but he declines her offer.

Then they kiss, as a butterfly, representing Emily, flies around them. Jim is able to provide us all with a reminder and road map to creating genuine happiness and meaning. It gave me quite a bit to think about in my own life, and what my life has given me in the way of blessings and gifts. To its detriment, it should have been much shorter. He didn't ever face any real challenge.

Junior Chamber of Commerce. Would you be willing to change your life?

He is the author of the best selling book, The Ultimate Gift, which is a major motion picture starring James Garner and Abigail Breslin. He has planned for Jason the ultimate gift. The Ultimate Gift is a fictional story, but it teaches a lesson that is very real. The gifts include things like the gift of work, the gift of friendship, the gift of money, ganpati aarti mp3 etc.

The Ultimate Gift

Being the impatient brat he is, he complains but he will find out his uncle has much more for Jason. In our world today, everyone is focused on having.

Oustanding bood with an outstanding message. Today is the day - why waste it with unimportant things, grumpiness, anger, or pettiness.

The Ultimate Life is now on DVD

Similar to his relatives, Jason has led a less than meaningful life up to this point. There is an undertone of remorse in this story, laid on top of an exhausting sermon about living a moral life. Today is the only day Riley will want to talk about the things she wants to talk about. The fact that Jason usually showed up on the last day of the month to discuss his experience then came back the next day to get his new instructions. Most of us know the power of a smile, a true friend or perhaps a loving family, but imagine if you could live all that Jim teaches each day of your life.