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What is a fender bender accident yahoo dating, fender Bender Accidents

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Then the police arrived and prepared an accident report. At the time of the accident, i was hitting my brakes because of traffic then got hit, and I tried to brake but my brakes locked up and i slid into the car in front of me.

Thank you in advance for your answers! If you do nothing else, do this. It identifies the damages, physical condition and relevant personal information of the parties involved, and witnesses, if any. Besides exchanging information, you should also take photos of the accident scene, the positions of the cars, any damage to your car and the other car, and license plate numbers.

It may also contain statements from both drivers and witnesses. Pennington and the driver left on a civil and pleasant note, and he was sure everything would work out fine. You may also talk to witnesses if any and take down their contact information. Will people just be responsible for their own cars? Pennington exchanged insurance information with the other driver.

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Your heart may be racing and your palms starting to sweat, so take several slow, deep breaths and try to stay calm. If you were at fault, tell the truth, but stick to the facts and don't offer your opinion, at least until you've had a chance to process everything.

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Many states require motorists to report car wrecks to the bureau or department of motor vehicles, depending on how much damage was done to the car. And if anyone saw the fender bender, ask if you can get their names and contact information so they can act as eyewitnesses. The other driver admitted fault. Otherwise, you're giving room for people to be dishonest, and I understand this guy's position. Still, the police officer said the insurance information would be in the accident report.

So if you are ever in a minor accident, follow these steps. Unless you know your state laws well, it's best to call. At first, Breidbart says, the man offered to pay him a few hundred dollars for the damage to his rear bumper. If you were backing out of a parking space, for instance, you may know that you should have looked more carefully.

If this is your situation, you will have to contact a California based attorney who specializes in fender bender accidents to help you prove your case. You may take several pictures of the scene showing the condition of the vehicles and persons involved. But Monday morning, when he filed his claim, his insurance company asked if a report had been filed.

Minor fender bender?

Sketch a diagram of which direction and what speed you and the other driver were traveling right before the collision. What to do after a fender bender accident in California?

Fender Bender Accidents

If you can find eyewitnesses and collect their contact information to give to the police and to your insurance company, even better. Take photos and gather witnesses. But if you do say anything you later feel was stupid, don't worry about it. If you have any pain or dizziness, see your doctor. The police report states the date, time and place of accident.

In Ohio, as long as nobody was hurt, you don't have to call the police. The officer said he was too busy to help, so it's understandable that Pennington didn't call and request another officer to come in - but he wishes he had. Their unbiased conclusions that are put into writing serves as the official documentation of the incident that can later be used. We all exchanged information, I got license plate numbers as well just in case.

But what if you don't have your car insurance information? And while a fender bender tends to be thought in terms of safety or as an annoyance, avril and evan dating it is also a financial transaction.

He also tried to flag down a police officer directing traffic. It's best not to take complete ownership of an accident, even if you believe you were at fault. Making matters worse, neither driver could understand the other very well.

Don't beat yourself up if you make a mistake. Even if you only see minor scratches on your car, the actual cost of getting your bumper repaired could be much higher than you anticipate. After stopping your car and, if you can, pulling out of the line of traffic, don't forget to turn on your hazard lights.

Call your car insurance company the number should be on your insurance card to report the accident. So the most rear car rear ended me and because of this I hit the car in front of me. But she was rattled and didn't ask the other driver for her insurance information. We were all moving in heavy traffic.

The fender bender happened on a Friday. Details around fender benders - just like the fenders themselves - eventually tend to get straightened out. Edith Parten, a communications professional at the University of Alabama, was in a fender bender less than two weeks ago when a driver rear-ended her. Cops are highly experienced when it comes to investigating an accident scene. The police may take a while to arrive depending on the location of the accident.

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Stay calm, focused and patient enough to wait for them to arrive. While waiting, you may investigate the scene for personal reference. But you may not be aware until later that the other car was driving too fast, or that the driver wasn't looking carefully either. Maybe you've left the card somewhere on your desk. Well the guy behind me says that I hit the first car first, then the guy hit me.

If you or your passengers are hurt, call to get medical attention. Some states require you to report an accident, and you could be cited if you didn't. Follow these steps to make dealing with the aftermath of your collision as easy as possible. However, no cops were called because the rear guy had to get to work and couldn t stay long. Tangible evidences like photos and statements from reliable witnesses will definitely come in handy should the situation worsen in the future and claims need to be filed.

Still, Parten may take solace that in Pennington's case, the other driver eventually paid for the repairs. Examine your body in a full-length mirror and watch out for any soft-tissue damage that can take a day or two to show up. Getting a police report of the accident can protect you against fraud and serve as evidence if the other driver falsely claims you were at fault. Fortunately, most are non-fatal. It worked out for Breidbart, too, despite the language barriers and the fact that both drivers departed before the authorities arrived.