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This noticeably shocks Burt and he awkwardly leaves. Backes recorded a goal and two assists in that span.

Blaine notices Kurt's unhappy response and asks if Wes and David could give him a moment with Kurt alone. After coming back another day, Blaine invites Kurt to have a cup of coffee, and is accompanied by two council members of the Warblers, wentworth miller dating mariah carey Wes and David for questioning. Blaine singing to Jeremiah. Blaine characteristically stays very near Kurt in all their scenes together and Kurt seems relieved when he realizes he's pleasing Blaine.

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However, they persist on always being together. DeMasi had been shot in the neck, but the wound was not life-threatening. Forward them to the inspector for use by N. He has had too many heart attacks. This results in Kurt inadvertently alienating himself from his friend Mercedes Jones.

He needs some blood to preserve his youth. Kurt believes that Blaine must have feelings for him and pushes for the public declaration, swaying the Warblers into allowing the live performance. Although of above-average intelligence, he lost interest in learning at an early age and became infatuated with petty larceny and starting fires. Keep out of my way or you will die!

Kurt explains to Mercedes that while he's not sure what might happen between himself and Blaine, he doesn't want to lose the friendship that he and Blaine have started. Despite the rivalry between their respective Glee clubs, their friendship blossoms, with Blaine increasingly taking on the role of mentor. This is the episode in which they share their first kiss, and it is assumed that they start dating very soon afterwards. As described in Son of Sam by Lawrence D. Whatever, if I shall be fortunate enough to meet you I will tell you all about Sam if you like and I will introduce you to him.

Kurt and Blaine eventually resolve their argument. Eventually, Kurt asks Blaine what the problem is, resulting in Blaine telling him that he was with someone else back in Lima presumably Eli.

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When Blaine comes up to him to tell him they're calling places, he places his hand on Kurt's shoulder and smiles directly at him. Kurt stops Blaine on the stairwell at Dalton where the students are hurriedly rushing past. Hello from the sewers of N. She's resting in our ladies house but I'll see her soon.

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Blaine-Kurt Relationship